Saturday, March 21, 2009

We stopped in Hope, AR, home town of Bill Clinton, on Friday night. It was the third evening of rain--just pouring. We stayed at the Hope Fair Ground RV Park and found out after checking in there was going to be a rodeo that evening. With very few options for entertainment, and no possibilty of an evening walk on a clear AR night--we bought tickets to the rodeo. It was hosted by the FFA and the participants were all kids. I was just amazed that 9-15 year old kids were riding a bucking bronco. Michaela leaned into me shortly after the third kid got whipped off a bull and whispered, "Would you ever let your kid do that?" I said, "NO WAY!". This was taking country to the next level--not Wisconsin style, that's for sure!
Nick stayed back at the RV with Zeke, as it was too chilly and damp for him to be out and he already seemed to be congested (later found out it was teething). I ran back to the RV to switch places with Nick as I really felt he'd enjoy the show. He stayed till the end. At a break time in the rodeo competition, the announcer called all kids down into the ring for a competition. Not even knowing what they were running to, Grace decided she was in. Turns out it was a pig scramble. They let a bunch of little piglets out to be caught and even though Grace didn't have a shot, it was quite a scene. Kids dove at these piglets like it was the pigskin of a football-literally covering them in a full tackle and then bringing it up by the hindlegs to show off the catch. It was very entertaining!

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