Sunday, February 8, 2009

Museum trip

Here are some pics and videos of our Museum trip!
We are headed to Oklahoma today. Our plans got changed once again, and you should just about be able to guess why…Yes…another RV issue. I am Praising God through this though! It could be a lot worse and we still got a deal at three g’s for this thing. Even if we stayed at $50 motels we’d end up spending the same amount, PLUS we’d have to eat out all the time. I am not regretting this purchase. I know it will all work out. So, last night we were on the way to Fayetteville and all of a sudden the RV began to make a “roaring sound” from the engine area. Nick pulled over and we stayed at TA gas station for the evening. It was a beautiful night….about low of 50! Nick had the heat on for us and I think we were all roasting! This morning we awoke, ate breakfast and began our devotions. You can imagine what our prayers were about. Kitchen sink is still not working and now this weird sounding engine issue. We headed out in search of an RV place or somewhere to have this RV looked at and the sound just went away. For over 60 miles it just disappeared and you can believe that we were happy and then in a split second, back once again. Since we didn’t make our intended destination of Fayetteville so we rerouted and decided to head to OK. I began school on the road while Nick got us just over the border where we stopped at an Auto Zone to get a diagnostic check for the RV. The man, a non-believer, made a guess at what the problem was and then commented that we wouldn’t find anything open today…not even the Seventh-Day Adventist man, Kenny. We were shocked. We hadn’t said ANYTHING about our faith, beliefs…nothing! Nick asked if Kenny was open and the man replied, “Oh no! He couldn’t be…he’d get runned right out of town! We’re in just abut the biggest area of bible belt you couldda ever imagine. There are more churches per capita here than anywhere else in the countra.” (Just as I wrote this a semi just passed which on the side read “Jesus Christ is Lord…not a swear word!” SWEET! Nick asked this man where he went to church and he replied, “No where.” Nick exclaimed, “What, you’re in the Bible belt?” "Yeah well, everybody has a cross to carry,” he said. His name was Al…please pray for an awakening for Al. Nick got Kenny’s number and we took the kids to the park to let them run around while we prayed for the Lord to have Kenny get in touch with us…..To Be Continued!