Friday, February 6, 2009

Written 2-5-06
We were packing up the RV Wednesday night, and Nick decided to fire up the generator, warm up the RV and let it run a bit and when attempting to turn on the heat, an immediate hissing sound and smell of propane gave him an ugly greeting.
Nick came in the house extremely frustrated with a look of defeat on his face. My immediate reaction was to ask, “What now?” He informed me of the situation and
began calling the contact numbers he had for Propane Motors to see if he could bring the RV in first thing in the morning (when we were supposed to be leaving).
We needed to pray, as a family, immediately!
I am certain GREAT and awesome things are going to happen on this trip…Godly things, because the enemy certainly wasn’t giving up on his unsuccessful attempts to erupt chaos in our home. NOT having it, I called everyone into the living room for immediate family prayer.
I love to pray. It always come naturally and I wondered, in the beginning of my walk with the Lord, what in the world I would talk to him about. The Bible describes in Matthew 6 how we should pray and I followed those instructions with out much deviation simply because I didn’t know what else I could say, should say or even wanted to say to God. Now, I find myself praying without ceasing. I love to pray and especially on the behalf of others. I also love leading others in prayer over their situations. It is often hard for people to find the words when they either do not know if He is there, if He cares or if He will help (mostly in the way they think He should).
Isn’t amazing, that even in times of hardship and struggle, God is looking out for us?
I know our trip was delayed a few times for our safety. I mean…God is our Father, and as a Father loves His own…He would do anything for us.
We were delayed and avoided a potentially dangerous or deadly propane leak, terrible ice storms in the south and a leak in our house pipe that could have created thousands of dollars worth of damage if we had left when WE WANTED. I love the Lord. He is so good…and His mercy is ever enduring.
So we planned to leave no later than noon today and it is 9:31 p.m. and we are going around Chicago right now. Our first overnight stop is Bloomington, IL where we will spend the night and then continue on to St. Louis to visit with Nick’s sister, Britt, till Saturday sometime.
We stopped in Milwaukee at Trader Joes and got some treats. I love that store. I made some really awesome Paninis with eggplant, celery, tomatoes and chicken sausage. Nick and I start a juice fast on Monday. (That will be interesting!) Also stopped in Racine to receive some summer clothes for Ezekiel from Nick’s older sister Traci…I can’t believe we will be in weather that we can dress so light. I am soooo looking forward to that.
By the way, Arianna and Julie…Grace LOVES the owl! She forgot it at home and we went back 12 miles just to get it…in this slow RV that felt like an extra hour, but she wanted to have it along and we couldn’t help but to feel for her through her tears! She exclaimed, “But please, I got it just for this trip!” I told the kids one toy and that is what she picked. She has named it Sammy. God Bless!