Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We're trying to get ready for our trip. There is so much to do in so little time....WOW! We have all the packing and taxes and work to finish up on and plan for our renewing of vows ceremony and school itinerary,which will vary on the trip from our normal schedule. We are overwhelmed at the moment and almost feel paralyzed not knowing where to start. Little by little--I know--there's just so much! God, get me through it!
Once we hit the road...it's on! I can picture us in our voyage--the kids learning and taking in so much, the awesome sights, family bonding and priceless moments! I can't wait...I wish we could just go now! The planning is enough for a second vacation and I am certain the unpacking will be enough for a third. Prayers needed and appreciated!

Here it is-- The Gellings Family Website! We are anxiously awaiting our departure for our trip to CA. I can't believe it is just a few weeks away. God has opened all the doors for this trip from the RV to the finishing details. I thank Him graciously, as not too many families can have an experience like this. As you most of you know, Nick's business entails of exterior remodeling including windows, roofing and siding. Every year as the weather gets colder and the snow keeps most in, we would say to ourselves how much we wish we could get out of town and come back in Spring. At that time it wasn't possible as the kids were in school-public and parochial. Now that I am homeschooling we both looked at each other extra with extra emphasis and said,"Well, why not?" In fact it is working out so well that we we won't even spend a whole lot extra than if we stayed in out home due to the ridiculous amount we pay for heat/water/elect during these winter months. We are excited to let you all in on our life as we have the experience of a lifetime. We will miss you all! Check often!