Saturday, March 21, 2009

A stop in Bloomington, Ill didn't prove to be too enjoyable. Our second tow of the trip! This time it was a U-joint on the drive shaft that corroded out allowing the drive shaft to drop to the ground while pulling into a Farm and Fleet driveway. There we sat until the tow came. It wasn't very amusing, however our RV was able to "spread the word" while we sat waiting to be towed from partially blocking traffic both on the road and in the drive. While in San Antonio we added verbage to our RV to add to our evangelizing efforts. Here is what our RV reads on it's sides...
God Answers Knee Mail Matt 6:24
Jesus is Cool, Hell is Not John 3:16
Get a Life John 3:16
Elect Jesus
The New Age is an Old Lie- Matt 24
Evolution is Science Fiction
Fight TRUTH Decay

All for His glory! The RV was fixed in under two hours and we were back on the road again. We stayed the night south of Milwaulkee and the next day we were home.
Home Again, Home Again..Jiggity Jig my mother would often say as we'd pull into our driveway at Monroe St.

The adjustment has been just as much as it was going into the RV. We miss the road already, but have had a wonderful time sharing our trip and reconnecting with family and friends.

We are, for the first time EVER, looking forward to next winter, when..God willing...we will hit the road once again!

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