Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Well...the Lord knows best...

We are STILL not outta here yet...but are finding out that the Lord's timing is the best.
Generator is not working. There are a very few (2) places that work on propane generators near us. Nick went to one of those places today only to find out...it's not a propane generator...it's gas. That was shocking to us as the owners of the RV said it was propane. But, they inherited it...so perhaps they didn't use it before sale.
Anyhow....our trip is once again delayed and already by half a week and adding. The exciting news is that my sister informed me today that they are getting another storm which cancelled school and a friend of ours said his wife reported cars in the ditch almost every couple miles from Cleveland to Milwaukee. I am happy that the Lord has delayed our trip and we are being protected from the storm as well as being able to take care of these (annoying) situations BEFORE heading out--to deal with this on the road would be much much worse!
Nick is now headed to Oshkosh to hopefully have the generator fixed once and for all!
All in His time...all in His time!