Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Pics of Cattle run and Largest Cross in Western Hemisphere!

Last night we stayed near Groom, Texas at a rest station. Upon waking, we visited the second largest cross in the western hemisphere. It was quite a sight. There also were Stations of the Cross made out of copper. Nick & I had very mixed emotions about being at this place. I wanted him to see the grandeur of the cross as the pics that I viewed on-line looked neat. I have many memories of Stations of the Cross as a child—also mixed. They took place every Friday during lent and the good thing was that we got out of classes early; the bad thing was that is was sooo long, boring and quite scary. I tried many times to “get into it” by imagining everything that was being said at each station, but there was more repetition of all the Hail Mary’s and Glory Be’s than actual reflection on the crucifixion of Christ. The very repetitious monotone gloom that filled the church was not something that made me feel loved by God. I certainly can understand reflection of the crucifixion, but this was not an event most my classmates looked forward to except for an earlier dismissal.
I want my children to celebrate Christ’s death as often as they wish—with a joyful peace. I often felt so bad Jesus died for me, rather than thankful and happy for the gift of eternal life.
Anyhow…we also noticed on the stones that read the 10 commandments, that they were also wrong. The Catholic Church changed the 10 commandants by taking out the 2nd (commanding us not to worship graven images), moving up the rest in position and splitting the 10th to make up the 9th and the 10th. It is unbelievable to me that so many Catholics don’t realize this—that I didn’t realize this. And why? Why did they do this? Please research on your own. The answers are stunning. What I DO KNOW, is the 10 commandments were written by God with HIS finger! It amazes me that I once believed that a man or several men (the popes) could change GOD’S LAWS as they see fit! I feel for those who don’t see how dangerous this is, yet at one time my eyes could not see either. Thank you Jesus for truth and truth in you and your word alone!
We moved on through to New Mexico where we are headed to see the cliff dwellers. The scenery in the panhandle of Texas and into New Mexico is such a vastly magnificent sight with miles and miles of tundra with occasional bluffs. It is beginning to get more rugged in the hillsides in New Mexico. We are headed near the Santa Fe area to visit many national parks and see fantastic sights!
I am beginning to get a little stir crazy in the RV—feeling like I am tripping over something constantly! Our children are as well and it is becoming more and more difficult to give punishments when we don’t’ have anywhere to send them or anything to take away. We have begun setting rules that have been outlined by Ron Clark in his book, The Essential 55, which has been helpful, interesting and exhausting. I am hoping to have some break through soon!
I hope we can find a great park to stay at for a couple days so the kids can just run around and play and we can sit and relax. Nick must be thinking he could be a trucker if he wanted a career change—all we’ve been doing is driving, driving, driving! I wish I could switch places with him and let him teach, cook and deal with the kids and just drive. I am sure he is thinking the same.
More later…

We are in the middle of no where…what a feeling. It is pitch black, like I have never seen before and not a soul around. We are at a state park that is no bigger than the Cleveland City Park at home and there are no other campers but us. No signal on the phones….this is wilderness and it is gorgeous. We basically are between a couple of bluffs making it feel like we are in a hole and there is a quaint little river next to our site. It was quite hilly getting here and we used more gas than expected. We pray we make it to the next gas station. (Seriously!) We saw the cutest fox at supper just running around. The pitch black is a bit intimidating, but this is what we came for.
We were on the way to the site having to take some back roads and it was some of the most fabulous sights I’ve EVER seen! We pulled over to take some pics near some cattle grazing and they all of a sudden began to run toward us. When I say run, I don’t mean wander…I mean run. There was a small wire fence separating us, but we didn’t feel to secure at the moment especially at the fervor of the race (not to mention one of the cattle had escaped and was bucking around at us in a back-off fashion). They began communicating with each other and from far off over the hills cattle everywhere began to run towards us. We began to take off and they ran along the fence line with the RV. The girls were ecstatic (and I was a bit freaked). I got some video that I will try to post, but still haven’t quite figured out. I will be so excited to get this on-line to share with you as it was just crazy!
Tomorrow we will take a hike and then head off for the next state park. We are about an hour from the cliff dwellers. I can’t wait. We prayed for warmer as it is only about 50’s today and from what I understand, no warmer than Wisconsin ( at least for today).
Overall today was an amazing day. Can’t wait to inform you of more tomorrow—hopefully I can get on and post (and back post).
This morning we woke to the alarm at 7:30 and headed to the mechanic. While waiting, I was able to “catch a wave” for a bit and get on-line. It began to pour and the kids faces went pale. Our goal was to come back and take a hike to the waterfall and now it was on post pone. I checked the weather and it said it was supposed to stop raining about 11 so we decided we’d go back to the campsite, eat, shower and then hike (assuming that the weather would clear up.)
I made some great spouted pasta for lunch. The kids never had that and really enjoyed it!
Next we showered. The next part is an important part of RV life so CAUTION: May gross you out….
Nick and I were going to attempt some “alone time” in the shower (which were NOT unisex shower units). He was being pink-panther-like sneaking into the woman’s room with me to shower. (May I clarify that there was one other RVer there besides us, so this was pretty funny in itself.) We began showering and low and behold two small girls came into the bathroom. Nick dried and dressed as quickly as possible and hopped up and the bench as to not show himself. He kept looking at me in such a frightened fashion as these two little girls chattered away while using the restroom. I leaned over and whispered in Nick’s ear, “Is this the most intense situation you’ve ever been in or what?” He looked at me with a sarcastic look and whispered back, “Yea smarty, where there are small children, there are their parents.” I let the water run while I dressed and Nick hid. The girls shushed a bit and I could actually here one of them grunting (kinda cute actually) and the girls washed their hands and left. I went out first and checked to make sure it was clear and told Nick it was safe to come out.
We headed to the RV in disappointment. We both knew life in an RV with kids and no privacy would be rough.
When we got to the RV, it dawned on me…two little girls….hmmmmm. “Grace…Hannah…did you happen to just be in the bathroom a few minutes ago,” I asked. “Yeah,” they replied in unison. Nick and I looked at eachother and grinned. Where there are small children…there are their parents. How funny is that….ahhh well!
The weather DID clear up and we headed out for our hike to see this 77’ waterfall. I will try to get pics up when I have a chance. It is something I am still tying to become more efficient at and not having much time when I AM on makes it difficult.
The waterfall was fabulous. Just awe jaw-dropping gorgeous! It reminds me of the falls I have seen in pics of Ecuador and makes me more excited about adventure.
The hike was just what we needed. The kids wanted to take another, but we needed to hit the road. The next destination is Groom, Texas. No one knows what is there but me and I CAN’T WAIT to see this site. Nick’s gonna love it…just love it.
We have been on the road for 4 hours so far. Nick is really being a trooper today. I will owe him a body massage. I have to believe he’ll be a bit tense. I can’t (or won’t) drive this thing as it’s just too scary. Maybe I will try it before the trip is over, but not today anyhow. It’s a VERY windy day and Nick is doing a fantastic job keeping us on the road. It’s scary enough for me when I feel a semi pass causing our RV to sway and today add on 30 mi/hr winds…oh joy.
Dinner is in the oven…cooking while we drive and the girls are doing their Sign homework (nice and quiet). I knew there was a reason I wanted to teach sign! (Grinning).
The water in the kitchen is finally running which mean the kitchen sink is fixed—this really made Nick smile. However….and yes…there is a however…at the gas station, while Nick was filling, he said he noticed leaking coming from the bathroom area. GROSS! Now what???? It’s almost becoming an expected thing. (Laughing out Loud).
Till next time…