Monday, March 9, 2009

After spending a night in Lubbock, TX we are now headed to San Antonio for our last most southern stop and then it is time to begin to head it home. We decided we wanted to sing today and we found a nursing home and rehabilitation center to entertain. This time is was a large facility, though we still had a small crowd (between 7-12 people). It was a nice praise session—probably one of the better times we’ve had, but I think that was because we added more of our testimony, scripture and prayer. There was applause after each song, but what really made this experience a blessing for us was a young lady named Theresa. Theresa had introduced herself to me before we began our singing and then at the end-she called us over. She said she felt she needed to tell us something and what came next was both a blessing, yet saddening. Theresa was at the facility for rehab, although I don’t know how much she will ever be able to do. She explained to us that she had made some terrible decisions and as a result had ended up paralyzed from the ribs down, yet was grateful at the second chance at life that God had given her. High on drugs and alcohol, Theresa took over the wheel and proceeded to drive at speeds near 100 miles per hour. The tilt on the steering wheel came unsecured and caused Theresa to loose complete control of the wheel. After dodging an oncoming car and a sign, Theresa rolled the car and remembers little from that point on. With near tears in their eyes, the kids listened to her sad story as Theresa begged the girls never to use drugs or drink. She went on to explain how she had also lost her 10 year old daughter who she looks forward to seeing again. After sharing her story she said she’d pray for us and then asked me to lead in a prayer once again. And, once again, despite the situation, we can look at our life and everything we’ve been through and been saved from and thank the Lord with all our heart. I think about all those who struggle with drugs and alcohol and pray for an awakening….a miracle for God to save them in a way less tragic than Theresa. I know her story has touched my family and hopefully many more, but I pray that more people can come to know Jesus with less tragedy and more self sacrifice.
A time is upon us where the enemy waits to take homes, lives and souls. As people lose jobs, allow marriages to fail, and drift into darkness, there he awaits his prey—an easy catch. We see crime increasing, along with the rate of suicides, substance abuse as well and abortion. I know not to look to look to the media for answers, or place my hope in politicians, whose hands are stained in blood money, rather know that my help comes from the Lord. He is the only one who can make situations whole and until He comes to reclaim us, it is a war…daily. And a war not of principalities, or kingdoms, but of spirituality. We must take every thought captive and if necessary analyze it to see who we are for.
I am happy to pronounce that my life belongs to Jesus. He is my Lord…the Lord of my life. I put my worries on him and know that He looks out for my best interest. How can my Father’s love be anything less than perfect? I have praised Him in high times and praised Him in the storm. I will continue to put my trust in Him and work for His glory.
I know my treasure is not here. My mansion is being built in heaven. No one can keep me from the kingdom, except for myself. There is no being who can cast me to one place or another. No lack of confession, no scare of not partaking in weekly Eucharist, no condemnation from worldly people-NO! For God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of a sound mind, power and of love. I fear no evil for God is with me. Those who walk in darkness fear him they walk with and give in to the pressure of the unknown. Each day has enough worry of it own to worry on the future, yet money gets lost on gambling, drugs and alcohol burying the regrets of the past and the fears of tomorrow. Anger and hostility rot the body and corrupt the soul. I have been, in the past way to worried about things I could never possibly control. I have been, in the past, way to angry and hostile about situations that did and may not ever be what I desire them to be. I have been, in the past, way to concerned about the happenings of others, despite the fact it was nothing for me to have input on nor repeat to others.
What fun is it being a Christian? Isn’t so much work the things you have to give up? That is what I have been asked and have heard being questioned.
It is a blast being Christian. Letting others touch and bless your life, sowing and not always wanting to reap and giving—so much that it tickles your heart. What have I given up? The worries of yesterday, today and tomorrow as well as EVERYTHING I mentioned above. I don’t miss it one bit. I don’t miss fake friends, lies and gossip, conceited individuals, self fish and greedy people always looking to get a step ahead not caring who they step on. I call is drama…90210 Drama.
Today I had the joy of life made simple with Christ--enjoying a blessing by blessing others, a beautiful day at the park with my family and the beautiful day in the 80’s in Texas. Oh, and a funny story of a man who befriended a duck at the park and could not get the duck to leave him be. He literally had this duck following him—quaking the whole way. It was the cutest, funniest thing ever. (Pics attached.) I love being able to enjoy every aspect of life in a whole new manner.
Thank you Lord for saving my life! My reward is to come and has been given here as well. Thank you for the blessing of Theresa and the many others who you have sent on our path. Thank you for this trip and my family. You are a mighty and loving God.
Please continue to reach those who inquire about you and who don’t know you at all. They come in many packages. Help us to help and love others the way you have loved us.
Through Jesus Name...

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